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Top Selling Medicine’s Prices To Drop

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The Cost Of Prescription Drugs Used By millions Of Patients Around The World Everyday Is Set To Go Down.

In The Next 14 Months, Generic Versions On World’s 20 Best-Selling Drugs Which Includes The Top Two: Cholesterol Fighter Lipitor And Blood Thinner Plavix. The Scale Of This Wave Of Expiring Drugs Patents Is Unprecedented. The Period Between Now And 2016, Blockbusters With About US$255 Billion In Global Sales Are Set To Go Off Patent.

Generic Competition Will Force The Famous Pharmaceutical Firms To Lower The Price And It Helps The Patients By Lowering Medical Bills And Companies That Provide Health Services.Best Selling Drugs Are Taken By Millions Everyday: Lipitor Alone Is Taken By About 4.3 Million Americans And Plavix By 1.4 Million.

Soon, The Generic Version Of The Best Selling Drugs Such As For Blood Pressure, Asthma, Diabetes, Depression. High Triglycerides, HIV And Bipolar Disorder Will Be On The Shelves Of Many Drug Store. The Production Of Generic Drugs Will Continue For The Next Ten Years Or So, And About 120 Branded Prescription Drugs Will Lose Their Market Exclusively.

Generic Drugs Typically Cost Less Than The Branded One, With Estimate Between 20 Per Cent To 80 Per Cent Less Than Their Counter Parts. In Actual Fact, They Are Chemically Identical To The Original Branded Drugs And Works Just As Well In Nearly All Patients.

To Conclude, It Is Definitely A Good New For All Patients Around The World, Since The Cost Of Health Care Keeps Climbing And There Are No Signs Of Coming Down. In The US, The Government Is Finding It Hard To Subsidies The Medical Costs Of Every Americans, Instead They Educate And Encouraging Them To Stay Healthy. 

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