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Rules On Painkiller Prescription To Tighten

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The Obama Administration Is Said To Seek Legislation That Requiring Doctors To Undergo Training Before Being Allowed To Prescribe Powerful Painkillers Such As OxyContin, This Is The Most Aggressive Path Taken By The Federal Officials To Control The Use And Abuse Of These Drugs.

In The Past Ten Years, The Abuse Of Pain Medications Like OxyContin Has Stayed At Very High Levels, And Medical Professionals Has Expressed Concern That The Legal Use Of The Drug May Also Pose A Risk To The Patients.

For Many Years, The Question Of Whether The Doctors Should Be Trained On How To Properly Prescribe Powerful Drugs Such As OxyContin Has Been Debated Without Any Conclusion.

People Who Support The Ideas On Training Said That It Would Help Doctors Better Identify Patients Who Can Truly Benefits From Treatment With Long-Acting Narcotic Drugs, And It Can Also Find Out Those Patients That Are Just Feigning Pain In Order That They Can Obtain Drugs To Abuse.

But On The Other Sides Of The People Say That Training Requirement Will Cut Down On The Doctors Prescribing Pin Drugs And It Would Greatly Disrupt The Care Of The Patients.

My View On This Issue Is That We Must Review The Important On The Prescription Of These Powerful Painkillers For The Benefits Of The Patients, If The Benefits Of This Drugs Are Greater Than It’s Disadvantage, Then We Should Not Go Ahead With This Legislation. In Every System, There Are Bound To Be Abusers, If We Have Proper Laws In Place, I Thinks The Abusers Will Be Minimised.