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Sea Salt And Table Salt

  • Can Anyone Tells Me Whether Sea Salt And Table Salt Is The Same?
Sep 6

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Marijuana The Big Question
Marijuana The Big Question

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Sep 1

Rules On Abortion To Be Tightened In UK

This Post Is About How The Relevant Authorities In Britain Tries To Slow Down On The Abortion Rates By Imposing Some Rules, Please Proceed To My Article For Further Details. Thanks.

New Tests For Liver Fibrosis

Liver Cirrhosis - Hepatoma d17
Image by Albaraa Mehdar via Flickr

In Recent Years, New Techniques Have Been Introduce And It Is Possible Now To Test For Various Stages Of Liver Fibrosis, Or Scarring, Without The Need For Invasive Procedure.

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Blood Test Can Reveal The Sex Of The Fetus

Fetus in utero, between fifth and sixth months.
Image via Wikipedia

A Simple Blood Test Can Tell Whether The Fetus Is A Boy Or A Girl As Early As Seven Weeks Into Pregnancy And It Is Highly Accurate If Used Properly, Based On A New Study.

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Aug 9

Cow’s Milk ‘Too Salty For Infants’

Milk Set
Image by Mowie Kay via Flickr

The Experts Warned That Babies Under A Year Old Should Not Be Given Cow’s Milk Because It Is Simply Too Salty For Them.

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Aug 9

Recognising Voices Is Difficult For People With Dyslexia

Image via Wikipedia

If People Called You And Said ” How Are You “, Chances Are, Those Words Are Enough To Know Who Is At The Other End Unless You Have Dyslexia.

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C-Reactive Protein Linked To Heart Diseases

Image by doctorwonder via Flickr

Chances Are If You Are A Singapore Women Of Malay Or Asian-Indian Ethnicity, You Might Have A Higher Risk Of Getting Cardiovascular Diseases Even Though You Have A Healthy Levels Of Cholesterol.

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Top Selling Medicine’s Prices To Drop

Seen is the drug Reserpine in tablet form bein...
Image via Wikipedia

The Cost Of Prescription Drugs Used By millions Of Patients Around The World Everyday Is Set To Go Down.

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The Link Between Taller Women And Cancer

The tallest woman in the world
Image by sparkypics via Flickr

Based On A Recent Study, It Has Been Shown That Taller Women Are More Likely To Have Some Of The Most Common And Deadliest Cancers, Therefore Linking Tall Women To The Disease.

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